Transcript of Tonight’s Special Live Chat with Emily Andras

A big thank you to Emily for joining us in chatroom tonight.

We now have a shorter edited version of the chat online, which can be read here. The full transcript of the live chat and Q&A can still be read here.

Emily also announced during the chat that for those who voted in the E! Online poll that got us the Doccubus win, send your specs to within 3 days.

14 Responses to Transcript of Tonight’s Special Live Chat with Emily Andras

  1. madelyn says:

    what does she mean by specs?

  2. ILoveMorrigan says:

    Will there be a version later posted in which you don’t have to download? I use my phone for everything and downloading files to it doesn’t really help when you have limited space. :( Appreciate the consideration of an alternate, trimmed down, questions & Emily answers only version! :)

  3. Tshiz says:

    Not too sure what she means by specs? specs of a unicorn?

  4. ImGo says:

    Anyone got any idea what is meant by specs??

  5. Admin Meg says:

    I am assuming she means characteristics of your unicorn, Like looks, what it likes, or what you like, etc.

  6. eden says:

    are the unicorns for free?

  7. jocool70 says:

    I’ve transformed from a dragon to a blond! lol!

    Sorry mods, the avi pic in the transcript isn’t mine. I signed in using my twitter a/c @jocool70 if you need to check. :)


    • Valeria80 says:

      That happened to me too….they made my avatar of a man ?? Weird.

      • Admin says:

        It looks like the avatar links broke as people logged out and they now point at random users.

        Unfortunately, the amount of work required to fix the links means we won’t be updating the raw transcript at this point in time. Once the edited transcript goes live we will then edit this version, removing all the incorrect links.

  8. Valeria80 says:

    oops, forgot…you can check my twitter pic @valeri80.

  9. Pambar says:

    Who is this Emily Andras person?

  10. [...] has graciously answered some more fan submitted questions that didn’t make it into the live chat due to time constraints. Below are her answers to three of the questions. Stay tuned for more next [...]

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