Tonight’s Special Live Chat and Q&A with Emily Andras

Tonight’s the night! Emily Andras will be joining our live chat during the Canadian airing of Episode 3.08, followed by an official Question & Answer session. As previously mentioned, we will start off the Q&A session with some fan questions submitted to us earlier, followed by additional questions from those in the room.

For those unable to attend the chat, we will post the full transcript on our site immediately after the chat.

The chat room has been taken offline and will re-open tonight at 8:40 pm EST. (Important note: Daylight Savings Time just took effect earlier today so we have jumped forward an hour).

Before participating in tonight’s chat, please be sure read through the following details that we posted previously (click on read more) so that the chat runs smoothly and is a positive experience for everyone.

1. The chatroom has a capacity of 240 (120 speakers and 120 viewers). Speakers will be able to type in the chat while viewers will only be able to read the chat. Fans who only intend to follow the chat without actively participating, please avoid logging in (at least until the 120 viewer limit is reached) in order to free up a speaker spot for someone who intends to chat and ask questions. Viewers will be able to fully follow the ongoing discussion in the chatroom. Those who want to chat should click on “Click here to join the conversation” at the bottom of the chat window to log in either as “Guest” or with their Twitter/FB log-in info.

2. To ensure that the live updates and behind-the-scenes commentary from Emily are easy to follow, please save any reactions/analysis for during the commercials, unless they are directly related to clarifying what is happening on the show.

3. Please limit the general chit-chat to before the episode, during commercials, and after the Q&A is over.

4. During the Q&A session, please hold your questions until we have asked the pre-selected questions. There will be ample opportunity for everyone to ask Emily their questions in an orderly fashion (instructions will be announced at that time).

5. Disruptive behaviour during the chat will result in a warning directed at the individual. Ignoring the warning and continuing that behaviour will result in ejection from the room. Inappropriate or offensive remarks will result in immediate ejection from the chat.

6. Admin/moderators are in blue text, so those are the only people who will be issuing warnings/moderating/making announcements.

7. If our site experiences technical difficulties during the chat, please check our Twitter account @DoccubusWeb for announcements. The chat room can still be accessed via another link even if our site went down.

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