More Details on the Special Live Chat with Emily Andras and Advance Question Submission

Our special live chat with Emily Andras, the showrunner of Season 3 of Lost Girl, is only a week away. We are providing more details as well as an opportunity to submit questions in advance.

The special live chat will be held during the Canadian airing of Episode 3.08, on March 10th at 9 pm EST, followed by an official Question & Answer session with Emily. During the episode, Meg will be doing the live updates while Emily will jump in with behind-the-scenes info. After the episode, we will start off the Q&A session with some pre-selected fan questions submitted to us in advance (using the form below), followed by additional questions from those in the room.

For those unable to attend the chat, we will post the full transcript on our site immediately after the chat. Please click on “read more” for more details.

The chat room will be taken offline early in the day on March 10th and re-opened at 8:40 pm EST. (Important note: Daylight Savings Time will be taking effect at 2 am on March 10th in Canada & the US, jumping forward an hour. Overseas fans should adjust for the time difference accordingly). To ensure that the live chat runs smoothly and is a positive experience for Emily (who has graciously agreed to participate) and of course, all the fans, please note the following rules:

1. The chatroom has a capacity of 240 (120 speakers and 120 viewers). Speakers will be able to type in the chat while viewers will only be able to read the chat. Fans who only intend to follow the chat without actively participating, please avoid logging in (at least until the 120 viewer limit is reached) in order to free up a speaker spot for someone who intends to chat and ask questions. Viewers will be able to fully follow the ongoing discussion in the chatroom. Those who want to chat should click on “Click here to join the conversation” at the bottom of the chat window to log in either as “Guest” or with their Twitter/FB log-in info.

2. To ensure that the live updates and behind-the-scenes commentary from Emily are easy to follow, please save any reactions/analysis for during the commercials, unless they are directly related to clarifying what is happening on the show.

3. Please limit the general chit-chat to before the episode, during commercials, and after the Q&A is over.

4. During the Q&A session, please hold your questions until we have asked the pre-selected questions. There will be ample opportunity for everyone to ask Emily their questions in an orderly fashion (instructions will be announced at that time).

5. Disruptive behaviour during the chat will result in a warning directed at the individual. Ignoring the warning and continuing that behaviour will result in ejection from the room. Inappropriate or offensive remarks will result in immediate ejection from the chat.

6. Admin/moderators are in blue text, so those are the only people who will be issuing warnings/moderating/making announcements.

7. If our site experiences technical difficulties during the chat, please check our Twitter account @DoccubusWeb for announcements. The chat room can still be accessed via another link even if our site went down.

We look forward to seeing you there for this exciting event!


Question Submission Form

Advanced question submission has closed. Thanks to those who sent in questions. There will be an opportunity for those attending the chat to pose questions to Emily directly as well.

8 Responses to More Details on the Special Live Chat with Emily Andras and Advance Question Submission

  1. nic says:

    Ladies I have one question – quoting Bo in a different context: How do you survive?

    I don’t think we can imagine the amount of work you put into this. It must be huge!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. yan says:

    Yay! I’m excited even thou I’m just gonna be a viewer :)

  3. Ava says:

    Thank you for the option to submit questions in advance! I most likely won’t be able to participate in the live chat, so am grateful for the chance to still have my question answered. Look forward to reading the transcript!

  4. ILoveMorrigan says:

    First of all, please give a huge thank you to Ms. Andras for doing this Q&A as she didn’t have to and I’m sure she’s busy working so just a huge thank you to her for coming on and spending an hour with us.

    Secondly, tell her congratulations on the season four renewal – it’s well deserved for such a positive show.

    Third, thank you the moderators for setting up an advance Q&A form for those who can’t attend for whatever reason; it’s very nice of you! :D

    I hope everything goes well and everyone has fun at the event. This is a very nice score for the site and speaks well of the site runners. Can’t wait to see the transcript when it’s it’s finished. Thanks again crew! :)

  5. DD says:

    Wonderful! THANK YOU

  6. Nat says:

    I have some questions.

    Is Bo gonna be on a relationship til the end of the season?

    Is Tamsin gonna be around in season 4?

    Do you have in mind add the casting videos, the auditions and more bloopers on the next DVDs?

    Does the show has indispensable characters? For eg, Two and A Half Man went on without Charlie.

    Are we going to see more backstory from Lauren? Family, Friends, etc.

    Do you already have the entirely script from Season 4 or just some of it?

    Does it ever crossed your mind to do a Spin-Off?

    Are we going to see more humans on a recurrent role?

    Will Lauren have another love interest, maybe just to see Bo a little jealous?

    What led you to choose Anna and Zoie for their roles?

    Do you consider the fans opinions and suggestions when it comes to write the script?

    Why is Lauren still attached to the Light Fae?

    I know,there are too many,sorry about that. Thanks for creating this page!

  7. Riful says:

    Thank you guys so much for this. Really looking forward to seeing the chat later on (it is to late for the gf and I so we settle for sending 2-3 questions. its all good).

    Would just say that maybe a good idea to restate the chat rules before EA enters/before it starts? Doubt everyone that gets into the room will have read this post and it wouldn’t hurt to refresh either. I can imagine it could get rather crowded in the chat room and people will feel tempted to give their 2 cents or react/comment to either the on going episode or EA’s presence and try to ask her questions before time.

    So happy to see this small community getting this chance and I am sure it will be interesting and fun evening with EA going deep into Doccubus territory for a prolonged amount of time. I hope it will be nice and non-chaotic but you never know so I wish you guys good luck =)

  8. Kedrie says:

    You guys rock. EA is also a god.

    That is all.


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