Special Live Chat and Q&A with Emily Andras on March 10th

We have some very exciting news for Doccubus fans! As we announced during our Live Chat last night, Emily Andras, Lost Girl’s showrunner for Season 3, will be live chatting with us in the Doccubus chat room during Episode 3.08 (scheduled to air on March 10th on Showcase at 9 pm EST), followed by an official Question & Answer session.

More details will be posted closer to the event, on our site. We very much look forward to this special live chat and hope you will join us. For those unable to attend, not to worry – we will be posting a transcript of the chat very soon after.

8 Responses to Special Live Chat and Q&A with Emily Andras on March 10th

  1. Skip To My Loops says:

    I was just wondering why she decided to pick this episode to chat with the fans?

  2. Skip To My Loops says:

    Thanks. Guess I was secretly hoping it was a “special” Doccubus episode.

  3. Yuna says:

    Cool, looking forward to the chat session with Emily . Wish I can be in live chat on time (due to different geographical location thus different zone time. Mine is +8hr so I dunno what time zone is PST)

  4. Eve says:

    Monday March 11th 9 AM for you Yuna.

  5. Admin says:

    Please also take into account that Canada and the U.S. will be changing to Daylights Saving Time on March 10, pushing our clocks ahead one hour.

  6. Pyxis says:

    Looking forward to this! How many TV shows have a showrunner that’s willing to interact with fans? It makes Lost Girl even more special.

    BTW, I hope you’re prepared to handle any Doccubus and Lauren hater who crashes the party.

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