Bo & Lauren Win E! Online’s Top TV Couple Tournament

We did it! We pulled out a win for our ship and Lost Girl as a whole. Check out E! Online’s announcement (with quotes from Anna, Zoie, and Jay Firestone) here.

This is how E! Online described it: “It was David versus Goliath. A dark horse that came out of nowhere against a juggernaut fanbase.”

We’d just like to take a moment and say how privileged we feel that we are part of a great fandom. Without every single doccubus fan, whether you are a regular, a lurker or hang out somewhere else, the fandom couldn’t have beaten the Gleeks.
It was beyond amazing to see the fandom unite and have fun while risking carpal tunnel syndrome, lack of sleep and the wrath of bosses as they voted at work and crashed the servers. We’d also like to acknowledge the awesomeness of the Lost Girl team, who got involved, egged us on, handed out personalized unicorns and generally appreciated the fandom effort to get the Bo/Lauren couple, and the show, recognized on a mainstream website.


P.S. The good news keep coming. Doccubus also made CNN’s top couples list (click on #9).

3 Responses to Bo & Lauren Win E! Online’s Top TV Couple Tournament

  1. Polyamory says:

    Sexiest and sweetest couple ever. Two amazingly beautiful ladies (one super sexy succubus Fae and one extra sexy human Doctor) both with super huge hearts and a crazy intense attraction= pure beauty!

  2. anna says:

    It is increadible and I am happy becasue as far as i know this is the only les couple that have not been destroy yet.

  3. bolaurfan says:

    I think this experience is something many of us will remember for a long time.

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