Top 5 Reasons We’re Happy About Lost Girl’s Return

We’re so glad that Lost Girl is back on our screens, and based on what we’ve seen of Season 3 so far, the wait has certainly been worth it. One of the coolest things about the show is that it appeals to a wide demographic; different people enjoy the show for different reasons. Here are our Top 5 reasons why we’re happy about Lost Girl’s return. Be sure to click on “read more” for the entire list.

1. F/F relationship on our TV

It’s been said before but a point worth repeating. We very rarely see a portrayal of a F/F relationship on our TV screens. When we do, it’s often a ratings stunt, hard to tell if they are “girlfriends” or they will end up replaying the dead/evil lesbian trope.

Lost Girl has been a refreshing change from that; we haven’t sat through “just-for-ratings” kisses, or the “experimenting with a guest star” before going back to hetero-ville. Lauren is a functioning, adult lesbian which in itself is rare. It’s nice to see Bo and Lauren’s relationship treated as normal (as normal as it can be within the confines of the Fae world). Perhaps the best part is that the Lost Girl cast and crew understand the importance of the Doccubus relationship to the community and make a conscious effort to treat it in a respectful manner.

2. Women not defined/validated by their relationships with men

With the addition of Tamsin to the cast, we have 5 strong, self-sufficient women on the show. It’s nice to see women in power (The Morrigan), in a career (Lauren, Tamsin), or simply making their way through life and calling their own shots (Bo, Kenzi), without constantly needing male reassurance or validation.

Hey, we’re not man-haters here (even Dyson…most of the time), but we like our female heroines to be self-rescuing princesses, not sitting around waiting for a guy to show up.

We really love that the strongest friendship on the show is between two women (Bo/Kenzi), who are perfectly fine being independent and go on their own adventures without needing to be attached to male love interests or be defined by their relationships to them.

3. Attitude toward Sexuality

There is something so refreshing about the way the show addresses sex and sexuality, which is that it is a non-issue. Bo is a portrayed as a sexual being who has absolutely nothing to apologize for. One might argue that it is easier to portray that in the fantasy realm, but Lost Girl still deserves all the credit for being brave and edgy.

4. Fanservice

So far, it seems that the Lost Girl showrunners have been taking note of what the audience has been responding positively to and delivering us a show that we want to watch. While they’re not afraid to give the fans what they want, they are still doing it on their terms and have made it clear there are stories that they want to tell, which we respect.

Speaking of giving us what the fans want…have you noticed, like we have, that some of the things that we’ve seen on screen have been the stuff of fanfiction? (In the best way possible, of course). We can list a few just off the top of our heads:

- Bo scrubbing the floor in *that* outfit
- Bo/Lauren cradling the baby and Lauren naming them
- The Kenzi/Bo deep kissing
- Pretty much the entire Season 2 Episode 8.
And the list goes on…

They’re making us pretty damn happy at the moment with the current storyline but we’re sure over the few episodes they’ll be playing with our emotions again. To that, we say, bring on the rollercoaster ride!

5. It’s a fun show and one of the highlights of our week

Last and certainly not least, watching LG is one of the highlights of our TV watching week. We’ve come to love the characters, and even when the ‘case of the week’ isn’t the most inspiring, the show delivers some laughs, a little action, memorable one-liners, and well, we can always be hopeful we’ll get some girl-on-girl lovin’. At the end of the day, we watch TV because we want to be entertained, and we can always count on Lost Girl to do that.

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