A Few Reasons Why We Enjoyed “ConFAEgion” (3.03)

It’s been a few days since “ConFAEgion” aired in Canada, and we are still giddy over this fantastic episode. Let us count the reasons why we loved “ConFAEgion”. Be sure to click on “read more” for the entire list.

Non-stop action-packed fun

You know it’s a fantastic episode when it’s difficult to pick a favourite scene. The whole episode was a joy ride from beginning to end and encompassed everything that we love about the show. Snappy one-liners – check. A gazillion pop culture references – check. People under the influence and loony behaviours – check. Lovely Doccubus moments – check check!!

Doccubus moments

Given how angst-filled the Bo and Lauren relationship has been in the first two seasons, many of us just wanted to see them in a blissful, couple-y state before the angst inevitably returns in the form of Dark!Bo. So it was really wonderful that we got a couple of episodes of them just being happy and enjoying each other, which is so hard to come by for an F/F pairing.

A few things that made us all warm and fuzzy inside:
- Bo and Lauren’s respective declarations of love via Kenzi.
- Bo trying to be monogamous at the expense of healing.
- Lauren playing alpha female and trying to get her woman to come down from the bar.
- Bo and Lauren acting so comfortably around each other (i.e. Bo barged into her place without knocking).
- Lauren trying to seduce the Succubus, and the looks of love exchanged.


Whole cast integrated into the storyline

Did we miss any characters while watching this episode? No, because everyone was nicely integrated into the plot. Unlike in “Original Skin” from last season, where Lauren got lost in limbo, she actually played a central role in this episode.

Another sign of Lauren being more integrated with the cast this season are the scenes of her interacting with other characters without Bo present. I mean, who would’ve expected that we’d see a relatively lengthy scene (and a hilarious one at that) with Lauren and Vex!?

Lauren – bolder and with a side of badass

Whether it’s her newfound freedom with Hale as the acting-Ash, not having a pod-bound comatose girlfriend waiting in the wings, or the security she feels now that her relationship with Bo is official, this season we are seeing a new, bolder, more badass version of the good Doctor.

From her handling of Vex at her place, the pure swagger when she’s all, “Yeah, let’s not… *stab*” and “There’s no pizza coming”, to punching out Vex which impressed even Kenzi, we’re digging this new dimension of Lauren. And whether she is putting her moves on Bo or speaking her mind with Kenzi, Lauren is certainly making her presence felt as part of the main team.


The Kenzi/Lauren conflict

We were a little taken aback by how much Kenzi snarked about Lauren in the season premiere. It’s a relief that it was leading somewhere. And it led somewhere good. When Bo finally confronted Kenzi’s passive aggressive anti-Lauren behaviour, not only did we get to see Bo defend her woman, she also declared her love for Lauren in no uncertain terms.

Lauren and Kenzi being forced to work together was ingenious, really, because there was no way they could’ve gotten through it without biting the other’s head off, effectively forcing them to deal with their long-standing issues. Lauren expresses her love for Bo with so much conviction that Kenzi could do nothing but agree. The chemistry between Ksenia/Kenzi and Zoie/Lauren was just terrific, be it adversarial or congenial. These two are electric together – more please!


It’s one of those things that really make a difference. It was certainly a nice surprise that the photo that Bo took of the Morrigan in a compromising position last season resurface to play an important role in the episode.


Zoie got to show off her comedic chops

Those of us who have seen Zoie in comedic roles know that she has amazing timing. With her newfound freedom, Lauren has been more relaxed, more goofy, more “After-hours”. Highlights of the episode: her “Say what?” in reaction to Teenage!Bo gushing about Teenage!Dyson, “There’s no pizza coming”, as well as her entire scene with Vex.



Tamsin may not be universally loved at this point, but we really think she is blending in rather nicely with the rest of the cast. We can never have enough strong women with an attitude on-screen. Plus, it’s nice to have a female character who doesn’t by default worship the ground that Dyson walks on. Her “Do I look like I care?” to Teenage!Dyson asking if Bo liked him will forever be one of our favourite lines.

They’ve done a great job of having Bo mirror the audience’s feeling toward Tasmin – should we like her? Who is this interloper forced into our cosy little fae family?



Bonding over make-up? Now that’s a beautiful and lasting friendship if we ever saw one.

And it was satisfying when Vex called out Kenzi on her undying support of Dyson while she holds onto her intense dislike toward Lauren – even though Dyson has treated Bo just as badly at times.

One Response to A Few Reasons Why We Enjoyed “ConFAEgion” (3.03)

  1. Maryred says:

    Loved the episode! Definitely one of my favorites of all time. We could see exactly what each character brings to the table. It was also interesting to see the development within some relationships. Can anyone even remember that Vex was some unstoppable dark fae back in S1? I thought it was great that Kenzi stated that losing his powers actually made him a better person. On the other hand, we have Bo. Who is clearly maturing and growing as a person since she began to (try) to accept her powers. Vex and Lauren calling Kenzi out was something bound to happen. I love Kenzi, but she can be very immature sometimes. She needs to deal with the whole Lauren thing and stop trying to get Dyson to jump the sack with Bobo. The discussion between Kenzi and Lauren was terrific! I wish they could still banter a little, but in nicer terms. Something more endearing. Last, but not least, our beloved couple: Doccubus! I am still mesmerized with the chemistry that Anna and Zoie manage to achieve. Its hypnotic! No wonder there is so many doccubus vids out there, it is beautiful to watch those two. Love the dynamic between them as a couple, sexy, playfull and caring. its the whole package, people! Now that’s how any healthy relationship should be, regardless of the orientation. Dr. Hotpants is really much more loose this season and it is a great portrait of her new found freedom (with the Ash being Hale and all). Cant wait for the next episodes (even though I fell like it might break our fragile doccubus hearts).

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