Quote of the Week

Bo: “The geek speak is working, Doctor.” (3.02)

2 Responses to Quote of the Week

  1. Valksy says:

    I’m liking the “You’ve got to know that I’m kidding” line. I love the softer, deeper timbre in Zoie’s voice. The way she delivers that line is just delicious =)

    A close second, the warm, throaty honest laugh when Bo puts Lauren on her back..nice… Got the feeling they might have tussled for supremacy more than once in the session -there’s an acknowledgment and a recognition of…what exactly? That it’s a fun game to play? That Bo can have her submit if she chooses? I can’t decide but am having fun thinking about it =D

  2. hanna says:

    Bo and Lauren,your both very cool and kind

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