Quick Recap & Screencaps of Tonight’s Episode (3.02)

Below is a quick recap of the Doccubus storyline in tonight’s episode (under the cut for those who want to avoid spoilers). Click on “read more” for the details. Join the episode discussion on our forum!

  • The buddy’s friend went missing they are at some underground club. Kenzi told Vex to stay home.
  •  Sexytimes between Bo and Lauren in Bo’s bed.  Bo is on top of Lauren and kissing on the bed. They change positions and Lauren puts her finger in Bo’s mouth. Bo sucks on her finger.
  • Lauren says they need to stock fridge with sports drinks because some area of her brain is screaming for re-hydration and that she can literally be out of her equilibrium. Bo tells her, “The geek speak is working, Doctor”. Lauren says she must be the only person who pretends to be ditzy to repel sexual attraction.
  • Bo gets a text from Trick wanting her to go to the Dal. Bo ignores it and they go back to kissing.
  • Some commotion at the club that Kenzi and Vex and Ozzie (K’s friend) are in. People are disappearing.
  • Back at Bo’s, she just wakes up from a nightmare. She tells Lauren she is fine. Lauren jokingly asks if committing to her is that scary. Bo reassures her that it’s not.
  • The rest of the episode is about finding Kenzi’s friend Ozzie, Tamsin being introduced as Dyson’s partner (she is Dark Fae), and Trick getting the Weaver to read Bo’s mind (which shows her feeding in a cannibalistic way).

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3 Responses to Quick Recap & Screencaps of Tonight’s Episode (3.02)

  1. Dana says:

    Ohhh wow. I got an instant lady boner. Thanks for this :)

  2. letsbefwb says:

    OH!!! SEXY TIMES. MMM, for once i’m really glad it’s monday.

  3. arden says:

    i just can’t get enough of this… bo and lauren rock my world!!!

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