Season 3 Premiere – Our Thoughts

It’s taken a day or so, but we’ve recovered from the excitement of Sunday night’s premiere enough to share a few of our thoughts. Click on “read more” for the entire piece.

How did the season premiere deliver on our expectations?  

A fun take on the 70’s film “Caged Heat”, the premiere certainly delivered on being entertaining. It was a fun and outrageous romp from beginning to end, with a lot of humour and a ton of good one-liners, as we have come to expect from Lost Girl. We love that when the show is not afraid to be bold and sexy, and more importantly, the premiere had that edgy feel from Season 1 again.

Doccubus, Doccubus, Doccubus.

What did we think of Lauren/Bo?  

Caged Fae was essentially a Bo/Lauren-centric episode. We got playful Doccubus, angsty Doccubus, and sweet and moving Doccubus all rolled into one. The dialogue was crisp and never over-the-top, and Anna and Zoie conveyed all that needed to be said with one look anyway. Also, how wonderful is it that the show seems to be giving Bo and Lauren a serious shot?

The Bo and Lauren with the baby scene was interesting and kind of bittersweet. It shows that Lauren’s thinking of the future whereas Bo hasn’t really allowed herself to realistically dream of a “normal life” given her nature. To us, the baby’s there to illustrate what they could be – a stable family unit, which might contrast with what’s to come, and Bo turning to the darker side of her succubus nature.

As glorious as the latest development in the Doccubus relationship is, we have been mulling over a few things:

We have not been told what has taken place between the Season 2 finale and the Season 3 premiere. We just know that Bo was really into Lauren at the end of Season 2. As a result, the hesitation displayed by Bo and the slight frustration displayed by Lauren are a bit jarring. Has Lauren pushed for commitment in the time between but Bo hesitated? It’s unclear what has been holding Bo back from committing to a relationship with Lauren. Is she hung up on Dyson? Is she afraid to be in a relationship with a human? Is she afraid of being in a long-term relationship in general?

Lauren bringing up that Bo can do better than Dyson: she has always been insecure to an extent about Bo’s feelings towards Dyson, and whether Bo only chooses her because Dyson is unavailable. We are supposed to assume that Bo made the choice for Lauren last year, when she said it was about them, not Dyson (2.06). Did Lauren bring up Dyson because Bo has given her some indication that she is not over Dyson between the end of S2 and the present? Or is it just Lauren’s insecurity speaking? Perhaps it’s linked to Bo’s earlier comment “I loved, I lost, my dog done run away” during their roleplay.

There is no indication that Bo is aware that Dyson got his love back. we would have preferred if maybe Bo had had a hint of it before officially choosing Lauren. Of course, it’s only the season premiere, so how it all goes down remains to be seen.

In the coming episodes, it should be interesting to see whether we will be filled in on the time gap either through short references to events/feelings, flashbacks, or are they going to just ignore it completely, leaving us in the dark to just assume.

Has Lauren changed?

We liked that Lauren put herself out there a little more and forced Bo to move to a decision. She can now afford to be more assertive with respect to her relationship with Bo because she isn’t conflicted about Nadia anymore. In addition to probably having more freedom now that Hale is the acting Ash, her real personality is shining through a bit more.

What about the other characters in relation to Bo/Lauren?

It didn’t sit well with us that Kenzi has regressed to being Dyson’s biggest fan – it is a bit over-the-top and her viciousness towards Lauren is off-putting.

We know that she has always been supportive of Dyson and of the Bo/Dyson relationship. Lauren represents a threat to Dyson’s happiness as well as her own. Kenzi is used to being Bo’s human, and perceives Lauren as a serious threat to take her place as Bo’s human female bff (which Lauren previously confronted her on).

Dyson is likeable in the first episode, so far stepping back to as to not get in the way of Bo/Lauren. It’s a refreshing change from his hostility and jealousy towards Lauren in the past.

This season is certainly off to a wild and exciting start, and we are stoked to be along for the ride, wherever it may take us.

4 Responses to Season 3 Premiere – Our Thoughts

  1. Maryred says:

    I agree with everything it was written! It was a witty, fun and endearing episode. It really brought back that season one mojo. Besides being over the moon with doccubus finally being a couple, we all know that it should last about 2 or 3 episodes. Not only they will have the difficulty of how to handle Bo’s healing (which is something Lauren can’t provide), but the upcoming darkness will definitely get in the way. When it comes to the baby scene, for me, it was kind of sad. Represents a future that never can happen due to the fact that Lauren will age at a different pace… maybe that was on Bo’s mind when she said “life’s too short”. One last thing about this episode: Kenzi. Why on earth is she extremely Team Dyson? I understand the suspiciousness regarding Lauren during season one. It wasn’t clear what her motives were, why she was trying to get closer to Bo, and so forth. But now? Come on! She obviously proved herself to be a good, genuine person. Risks her life every time to help the gang and still, Kenzi is always on the way. Always pulling some strings to get Dyson to be Bo’s love interest. Kenzi should be sympathetic since only she and Lauren knows what it is to risk their lives in a much deeper way than the others due to the fact that they are humans and don’t have super powers. I don’t get this animosity towards Lauren. Is it jealousy? Fear? Sense of competition? It seems to me that Lauren could be as close to Kenzi as Dyson, if Kenzi would only give her a chance.

  2. Sayueri says:

    I don’t get Kenzi’s animosity towards Lauren either.

  3. Bel says:

    I’ve been thinking about Kenzie. I just wonder if she has a unrecognised thing for Lauren. I’m judging this on the brown dress scene in the teaser trailers where Kenzie looks quite appreciative. I am 100% doccubus, for me there is no other pairing, I’m just wondering why there is so much anamosity to someone as lovely as Lauren.

  4. Maryred says:

    I saw her look on this scene haha, I loved it! But for me, is more a look of surprise, like: “look at the doc all dress up!”. Kenzi knows how struck Bo is with that view, but she is just amused with the situation. I don’t think she is into the ladies. She said that herself during season one. I read somewhere that maybe she’s afraid Bo chooses Lauren as her human and, therefore, Kenzi would lose her current status. If that’s really the case, she should be happy someone is willing to accompany Bo throughout the years, since Kenzi said, during season two), that she would like to have a life of her own in the future. It’s like Lauren pointed out on S2, if Kenzi wants to be the only human in Bo’s life, she’s just being selfish.

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