A Doccubus Timeline

The Season 3 premiere is right around the corner. We thought that we would refresh your memory (not that any of you require it) of what has happened so far in the Bo & Lauren storyline in the first 2 seasons. And what better way to do so than in flowchart form, with a touch of irreverence. Be sure to click on “read more” for the entire thing.

Mysterious creature named “Bo” shows up in town and does her usual feed-and-flee routine. This time, her messy eating habits gets her captured.

At the Light Fae Compound, a restrained Bo makes an uncooperative Bo. Bo is hostile towards all the Fae but agreeably goes with the Light Fae Doctor for a physical.

Lauren has Bo take her clothes off and proceeds to examine her in the least professional way possible. Lauren explains to Bo what a succubus is while Bo shows Lauren what a succubus can do.

Bo seeks out Lauren to help control her abilities. Lauren gives Bo an injection to dial Bo back to randy and frisky.

Lauren encounters Bo and Kenzi at the Dal, where Bo is flushing Dyson out of her system with alcohol. Lauren is mildly concerned over potential intoxication-induced killing sprees. Bo flirtatiously reassures Lauren on what really matters: alcohol doesn’t affect her performance.

Bo and Lauren go out to “test Bo’s newfound control of her abilities”, more commonly referred to as a date. Lauren shamelessly selflessly offers herself as Bo’s test subject. Bo stops short because she wants Lauren alive for their second date. Bo and Lauren follow up with playing dress-up and going undercover at the medical labs. As a team they save the day and have a moment together.

Dyson gets territorial at the Dal and ruins Bo and Lauren’s check-up/test drive/date. Bo, Kenzi, and Hale are infected by a spider/underfae and become mutually homicidal. Lauren gets sciency and keeps everything from going up in flames. A grateful Bo asks Lauren out for a proper drink.

Lauren is ordered by the Ash to use her wily ways to distract Bo from pursuing Vex. Lauren visits Bo, who shares her very human hopes and dreams with her. Lauren tells Bo she trusts her with her control. Lauren survives their bedroom encounter but fails at pillow talk. Bo feels betrayed by Lauren’s deception.

Bo doesn’t forgive easily and remains mad for the next few eps as Lauren tries to apologize.

Bo approaches Lauren for help. Lauren gives her access to the amulet to succubust her mother. Lauren wants Bo back in one piece and sends her off with an angsty kiss.

In a shady deal with the Norn, in exchange for transferring strength to Bo, Dyson gives up his love for her for eternity…until he gets it back later.

Bo and Lauren are on good terms again and working on a case together. Bo is concerned for Lauren who is concerned for the comatose Ash and feeds her pasta. Lauren falls asleep on Bo’s couch and inadvertently reveals her deepest desires: “Isotopes”.

Bo seeks out Lauren and helps her collect critters on a case. The new Ash barges in on their heart-to-heart and Bo leaps to Lauren’s defence. Lauren calms Bo with a simple yet significant touch of her arm before being taken away by the Ash.

Lauren escapes from the compound and heads straight to the most obvious hiding place – Bo’s home. Sexual tension reaches dangerous levels as they negotiate over sleeping arrangements.

Bo and Fugitive Lauren stay in their bubble of domestic bliss of flirting over pizza, couch yoga-ing, and coupley TV-watching. The Ash visits and threatens Lauren back into submission. Lauren spends her last night of freedom confined to Bo’s bed.

Bo strikes a deal with The Morrigan to free Lauren. When Bo fulfils her end of the bargain, she is rewarded with a box and a sad surprise called “Nadia”. Meanwhile, Lauren has a heart-to-pod discussion.

Bo confronts Lauren about Nadia and Lauren tells her the whole story. Bo, the paragon of self-control and selflessness, vows to help Lauren. They open the box and are confounded by a seemingly unidentifiable, nail-like object.

Bo meets Podia via a bodybag. Bo helps Lauren and brings her to ask The Lich about the cursed nail. Bo’s misguided sense of gallantry robs Lauren and us all of a chi exchange and puts Lauren at knifepoint instead. Bo turns into Super!Succubus and disappointingly sucks chi out of everyone but Lauren. When Bo visits Lauren afterwards, a conflicted Lauren plants a big one on her in front of Podia.

Lauren encounters Cowgirl Bo at the Dal and compliments her on her fringe. Awkwardness over kiss-by-the-pod ensues. Lauren gets sent to the Void and Bo forgets about her.

Bo is confronted by her past and suffers an identity crisis. Bo lets herself get beaten up as punishment but wants none of Dyson’s chi. Bo opens up to Lauren, who confesses her love then promptly un-confesses it.

Lauren has a meltdown over Podia and takes it out on her binder full of research, earning a trip to the dungeon. Meanwhile, life goes on for the gang. The Ash eventually releases her after no one tries to.

Bo jet-sets around the world via a portal to remove the curse placed on Nadia. Nadia pops awake, scaring the bejesus out of Lauren in the process. Bo returns a triumphant heroine, hoping for a moment with her lady but silently suffers through a Lauren/Nadia reunion.

Lauren and Nadia turn up for Bo’s pity birthday party. Lauren squashes Bo’s heart but adds to her weapon collection.

Lauren borrows Bo’s gas guzzler to go on vacay with Nadia while Bo distracts herself with a Dark Fae.

Lauren and Bo share a warm embrace when Lauren returns. Lauren wrestles with conflicting feelings: should she treat Bo to lobster dinners or back rubs first?

Lauren and Nadia work on re-connecting with each other while an amnesiac Bo outdoes them by nearly marrying Ryan.

Lauren runs lab tests on Nadia when she starts feeling unwell, fraught with murderous symptoms.

Nadia is possessed by the Garuda and goes on a violent rampage. Bo ends up stabbing her lover’s girlfriend in the melee, since there is no lesbian drama without complications.

Heartbroken Lauren is hostile to Bo for two seconds before seeking comfort in her arms. Bo tells Lauren that they are in this together.

Bo is scratched up by The Red Caps and Lauren wants to heal with Bo. They affirm that they make each other breathless and the audience frustrated.

Lauren tells Bo to have faith in herself and her heart. Bo tells Lauren, “I love you…” (The end.)

During the battle, Bo does not want to leave Lauren with an injured Vex, making it clear by saying, “NO! I’m not leaving you!” When Lauren insists on staying, Bo pulls her in for an angsty and passionate kiss.

After the battle, Lauren no longer entertains thoughts of leaving and gazes longingly at Bo instead (as does Dyson, who has his love back thanks to Kenzi).

4 Responses to A Doccubus Timeline

  1. Imagefeeder (BoLaurfan) says:

    Completely loved this. Love a lot of the little touches, like this one “They affirm that they make each other breathless and the audience frustrated.” or of course I love you…(the end).

    So fun!

  2. Anita says:

    You are brilliant.

  3. Tiffany Muzic says:

    people in canada are so lucky. i can’t wait until the 14th. I have people on youtube that come to me for answers on lost girl questions that they have and i think that is funny. If i don’t know the answer to a question that i am asked then I come here and you just answered like three of them. I loved the timeline. Best one that i’ve ever seen.

  4. Jay357 says:

    “a conflicted Lauren plants a big one on her in front of Podia.”
    No, she doesn’t. She does it in front of a comatose Nadia, though ;)

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