Lost Girl Set Visit Report – Part II

Please enjoy Part II of our Lost Girl set visit report. Part I of our report, posted yesterday, is found here.

During my visit, I had the opportunity to watch the filming of two scenes from Episode 6, one of which was between Bo and Lauren. Before they went on set, I met Anna and Zoie (in their Bo and Lauren attire), who were just absolutely lovely and could not have been more gracious and friendly. When they heard that I was a Doccubus fan and that I was there to watch them film, Anna said they would put in extra effort (or something to that effect). I also met Ksenia (dressed as Kenzi) before her scene, who was super friendly and hilarious. The first thing that she said to me, with a dramatic flail, was, “Welcome to the Underworld!!!”

While I won’t be able to reveal what I saw or what the Doccubus scene was about (as I will no doubt suffer dire consequences), I will say that the palpable chemistry between them, combined with the dialogue, were what we have come to expect from Doccubus scenes. It was a thrill to watch Anna and Zoie at work, who were so prepared and really good at what they do.

If watching the Doccubus scene was a highlight of my day, then the surreal moment of the day was watching it while sandwiched between Emily Andras, executive producer and the showrunner this season and Sandra, the writer of the episode (who has just come on board this year). I had a wonderful discussion with Emily, in which we talked about the show in general and of course, Doccubus.

Emily told me that they had planned for both a short, mid-length or longer Season 3, and they would have been prepared for any of the scenarios depending on Showcase’s decision. In any event, they have a clear picture of exactly where Season 4 will start off, assuming the show is renewed (fingers crossed).

Based on the Doccubus content (or lack of) in a few of the episodes that she has written, some fans have wondered in the past whether Emily might not be particularly fond of the Bo/Lauren pairing (although the “Breathless” scene in episode 21 might have changed some opinions). Emily is aware of the fan reaction, and we spoke a bit about the writing process on the show. In essence, writing is a collaborative effort and decisions are made as a team. She also shared an interesting tidbit about Original Skin (2.09), one episode written by her that has caused some Doccubus fans grief. In the scene in which Bo tells Kenzi that she does not want to go to The Dal in case she bumps into Dyson, Bo actually says that she is also nervous she might bump into Lauren because of their kiss (in the previous episode). Tragically, the line referencing Lauren ended up on the cutting room floor (which was the perfect segue for me to emphasize the fans’ desire for extras such as deleted scenes and a blooper reel on the DVD).

From conversing with Emily and watching the Doccubus scene with her, there is no doubt that she sees, as she called it, the “crazy chemistry” between Bo and Lauren on screen and Anna and Zoie as actors. She added with a smile, “Even a blind person can see it.”

Indeed, Emily very much appreciates the passion of fans and their love of the characters and support of the show. She is proud that Lost Girl is so LGBT-friendly and that labels are not attributed to the characters’ sexuality.

In terms of what’s upcoming in Season 3, Emily previewed that the gang has grown to love and respect each other, despite their differences and sometimes opposing goals. Doccubus (especially Lauren) fans will be pleased to hear that Lauren will be more integrated into the group as a whole this season. I sensed a lot of excitement on set about this season and about the episode that they were filming.

I also had a chance to meet many individuals who work behind-the-scenes including the director, assistant directors, producers, the sound and set construction crew, wardrobe department, and art department, and they could not have been more welcoming and down-to-earth.

For someone who is not previously familiar with the business of television/film production, it was an eye opener to see the amount of time and effort it takes to film one scene. The cast prepares for the scene nearby while the crew works with stands-in to prepare the angles, lighting, etc. It was really interesting to see numerous takes from each angle, often with slight variations in the actors’ delivery. It was a truly unique experience to witness these talented professionals hard at work.

We often sense from interviews and tweets how tight-knit the Lost Girl cast and crew seem to be and how much they love what they do. I can now tell you after seeing it first hand that it’s not propaganda! It’s all true!  I witnessed the sweet gestures that the cast made to the crew on the last day before hiatus. The camaraderie and the positive and jovial atmosphere surely make Lost Girl one of the happiest and fun sets in the industry.

Needless to say, I had an incredible and most memorable experience on set, thanks in large part to the two very pleasant individuals from Prodigy Pictures who gave me a detailed tour of the set, introduced me to various cast and crew members, and graciously answered all the questions I had throughout the day. I would like to sincerely thank them and everyone involved with the show for their warm and generous hospitality.

I did bring back from the set a cool Lost Girl merchandise item (courtesy of Prodigy) that we’ll be giving away in an upcoming contest. So stayed tuned for new announcements!

11 Responses to Lost Girl Set Visit Report – Part II

  1. Valksy says:

    I get every sense that the cast/crew are deeply respectful and affectionate group and that the makers are excited about it as we are.

    Emily Andras sounds wise and thoughtful – projecting across season length was a good idea, and shows a great deal of awareness. What they have done is unprecedented and takes courage and is absolutely appreciated.

    Love the comment about a Lauren line being cut. DVDs. Extras. DVDs. Extras.

    I hope that, one say, you will be able to share this story again – perhaps after the episode has screened.

    The chemistry is key. I’m relieved it is embraced.

    Again, thank you for all you have done. It’s very easy to feel hopeless, we are often disdained or exploited and it is a relief that they at least give a damn.

  2. Patty says:

    I enjoy the joy, and from reading your article, I get a sense that the entire Lost Girl family enjoy there jobs. I am sure that the bonds of friendship they all have with each other will endure for many years to come.

    Thank you for sharing your day on set.


  3. Meagan says:

    Thank you for writing this and giving us reassurance on Doccubus and that Emily supports their relationship. I was a tad worried there for a minute. I enjoyed reading this article. I am happy for you that you got to have this experience and again thank you for sharing your thoughts and what you witnessed with us :)

  4. Cheroll says:

    Thank you for writing & sharing this article of Lost Girl Series. It’s painted on my mind how great the cast & crew was.. Wow very fantastic … You know the fans are going crazy waiting for the Big Season 3 to be aired .. Well, I think this gonna be the most awaited & the highlight season of Lost Girl Series.. What more I can say?? Thank you so much & God bless this site .. You did a great job…

  5. Monique says:

    Thank you again for sharing your experience with us. You have given us some hope. You are so lucky to have met Anna and Zoie on set and to experience a scene of Bo and Lauren. Not to mention the rest of the cast and crew, that put so much of there heart and sole into there work to make such a success of Lost Girl. Thanks again, I hope the competition extends to South Africa…

  6. Lisa says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and for a piece well written..really giving us an insight into what life would be like working on Lost Girl set! You have been able to capture for us what only we can imagine! And it is a tragedy that television audiences forget that a show is more than just the talented actors, but a whole team of writers and production crew – very dedicated and busy people who produce out of nothing an incredible product which we can appreciate. For you anincredible experience and the envy of all of us!

  7. Kedrie says:

    Alllllllright!!!! Meg such nice recaps–> what a treat to be able to hear about your experience there and those lovely chats. BTW you are awesome.

    We all look forward with anticipation to Season 3 goodness/angst/yahoos!!!

  8. Alba says:

    Thanks for all your job, the recap is exciting!!!
    Seriously hoping for some good Doccubus stuff in season 3 and also other amazing things!
    Love Lost Girl!!!

    Kisses from Italy

  9. eorstail says:

    Thank you Meg. I enjoyed reading this well written report on your visit to the set of LG. I especially liked Emily’s quote on the doccubus/actor chemistry that “Even a blind person can see it.” It was also reassuring to have confirmation that in season 3, “Lauren will be more integrated into the group” which I can only hope that equivocates into more screen time for Zoie.

    We are lucky that someone like yourself, running this site, was “rewarded” with such a gift and that you would have this platform to share it with us. Thank you for this site and for sharing such a memorable experience.

  10. Evanevieve says:

    Oh wow, this is amazing. Thank you so much for writing! It’s lovely to know how deep and rich it all is, and I have to admit I’m extremely envious of you being able to talk to Emily :3 (as well as Anna and Zoie but that’s a given ;) )

  11. nimloth says:

    Thanks for sharing! I was also worried as Emily Andras Doccubus work, and even I have my doubts … But I envy the opportunity you’ve been to see the set, filming, and of course talk to Zoie and Anna! We’d love to haver been in your skin that day!

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