Lost Girl Set Visit Report – Part I

Hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there during the hiatus.  We have a special feature that we hope you will all enjoy. I was fortunate enough to visit the Lost Girl set recently as the winner of a contest, which was an amazing experience that I’d like to share with you all. My report is split into two parts, and below is the first part. The second will be posted tomorrow. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed on set, but I will try to describe everything non-spoilery that I saw in detail. Click on “read more” for Part I of the report.

The Lost Girl set is in a nondescript warehouse in Toronto. From the outside, it looks like any other industrial building. Once you step inside, however, you can’t help but feel as though you have been transported to an alternate universe. Inside the warehouse was the most efficient use of space I had ever seen. I was lost in a maze of familiar-looking sets all in close proximity to each other – there was Bo and Kenzi’s crack shack, and over there was Trick’s lair, not to mention my favourite – Lauren’s loft. The hallways in-between sets and along the side of the warehouse resemble real streets and alleys, made more realistic with the graffiti job on one of the walls. In fact, the scene with Aife/Saskia in Season 1 was filmed in one of these hallways. There are permanent sets such as The Dal and the characters’ homes, and temporary sets that are quickly constructed by the crew when called upon. I did come across a new set during my visit and learned that another had been taken down.

The first set I came across was Dyson’s studio. There was the bed, as well as his motorcycle parked in the corner of the room.

The police station set was abuzz with activity as it was the place where the cast got ready for their scenes, at least on that day. I also passed by the conference room in the police station.

The Dal was lit exactly the same way as on the show, and it was absolutely beautiful. It certainly gave the Fae hangout this quaint, otherworldly ambience. Apparently, one of the taps at the bar actually works.

Trick’s lair, where many important scenes have taken place, left me in awe. I was blown away by how intricate the set was and the incredible attention to detail by those who put this together. It’s just a comfortable, calming, and homey space where one could just tuck away (perhaps in that little nook with the colourful pillows) from the rest of the world.

I was most excited to visit Lauren’s loft, for reasons I don’t really need to explain to any of you. And what a lovely space it was, so airy and orderly and tastefully put together, not to mention the gloriously lesbianic paintings and ornaments. The stencil on the floor looked particularly impressive in person. The leafy wall, though not lit up at the time, still appeared rather impressive, and I was intrigued with her tree stump coffee table. The doors opposite the front door opened up to a cute little veranda.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist sitting on the white chaise that Bo rested on when Lauren ran tests on her brain, as well as the couch where some interesting conversations took place. They were both very comfortable, by the way. I have to admit, though, it was slightly disconcerting to stare at the spot where Nadia met her demise, although the huge bloodstain was no longer there.

Remember all those jars of medicine that Lauren had? They were neatly arranged inside her kitchen cabinets. Upon closer examination, I discovered that they hilariously contained foods like dried mango strips, dried Chinese mushrooms, what appeared to be dried squid strips, and a variety of Asian herbs. The jars were labeled as fancy scientific substances, all of which I fail to remember (because I’m no Lauren).

Next came Bo and Kenzi’s home, which felt very cozy. The old TV set and electronics stacked haphazardly against the wall behind the desk gave it a “lived in” feel. There were some fake fruits lying around, and prop vegetables and meats could be found inside the fridge. Also, the vending machine that sat right beside the fridge, amusingly, was filled with a wide assortment of Asian snacks like dried noodles and biscuits. The television on the wall in front of the familiar red couch was real, though. By the way, the waving cats all around their living room during Bo’s birthday party can now be found scattered throughout the Prodigy offices.

Here’s an inside scoop: ever wondered what sits in their kitchen sink (where the camera never lands)? Maybe dirty dishes? Maybe nothing at all? When my ever-friendly tour guide suggested that I look into the sink, I innocently did what I was told, only to jump back with a yelp when I saw its contents. Inside the sink was literally a pile of plastic doll heads, which is, I must say, creepy and genius at the same time. (Although I’m not sure I want to know what happened to the headless bodies of the dolls.) If those heads were put in there by some crew member with a perverse sense of humour to surprise unsuspecting set visitors, well, it worked.

Of course, what set tour would be complete without visiting Bo’s bedroom, the site of some pretty memorable Doccubus moments. I must confess that I barely recognized the room without the warm lighting that is usually associated with the place. Attached to Bo’s bedroom was the familiar bathroom with the tub.

I also got a quick tour of the wardrobe department, run by talented individuals who are able to produce custom-made items of clothing at short notice. There were multiple racks of costumes for each character, and an array of leather jackets for Bo and Lauren, along with leather vests for Dyson. I was told there were some nice dresses belonging to Lauren, a couple of them worn in the new season.

The storage room for used props, likewise, was full of treasures. I saw all kinds of light fixtures used in prior episodes and even the flags from the Stag Hunt episode. There were so many props in there that one could literally spend a couple of hours in there trying to identify all the items from the episodes.

Inside jokes with the props tend to be a common occurrence on sets, and it is no exception on the Lost Girl set. At the police station, the criminal profiles lying on the desks feature different crew members, as do the clippings/profiles tacked on the wall. Even the books are “authored” by behind-the-scene individuals.

For those curious about the food aspect on set, there are different lunch times for the cast and crew depending on who’s shooting, and there is usually a different themed cuisine everyday. I also checked out the craft truck that sits just outside of the warehouse that is staffed and loaded with nutritious goodies. Not wanting to miss out on the filming, I opted to raid a nearby craft table full of snacks in-between takes.


Part II of the report

10 Responses to Lost Girl Set Visit Report – Part I

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow! What an awesome experience for you! Wish you had been able to take some photos! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Valksy says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for taking the time and trouble to be able to share with us. And much gratitude to the producers for even opening the set to a guest in the first place – it’s heartening to hear of a production company who give a damn about fans. We love their product, we want to cheer for them and it really feels as if (albeit by proxy) we are welcomed and embraced.

    Excited for part two.

  3. Yashka says:

    I love you, Meg! You painted this awesome picture in my head, and it’s something I could have only hope to imagine until now. Thank you for representing this wonderful site and forum. I know I may be a little snarky, but I am sincerely grateful for all that you do.

  4. Cheroll Pahila del Carmen says:

    Wow ! Its really great I can’t wait for the next story.. You were amazing… You did the best job Thanx for sharing all of this things to us…

  5. Monique says:

    Wow! how lucky can one get. I have always wanted to know how a set looks in real life. Just to see how a shoot is filmed, and how it all comes together in the end. Thanks for sharing with us, can’t wait to read part 2. Thanks again…

  6. chris says:

    no photo?can upload some photo?

  7. Meagan says:

    Wow!! Thank You for taking the time and telling us of your adventure on set of Lost Girl. I am looking forward to reading part two. I think I would have spent most of my time in Lauren’s loft too lol. Reasons I understand you know ;) Being on the set would be exciting and I wish I could have experienced it but reading your interpretation of what you saw and experienced will do just fine. I am looking forward to reading your words on your experience with the characters and Emily Andras. I love Lauren’s loft. I would live there….with her lol ;)

  8. Momma G says:

    This is one of the best articles I have ever read. Very articulate & so deliciously descriptive, I felt that I had been transported there myself. Thank you so much for sharing this with us – it might help to carry us through until we can see Season 3! Until then, I have bought the DVD’s – there are just not enough reruns on TV! You are one lucky woman :)

  9. Deb says:

    Pictures would have made this post even better. Bummer.

  10. Yin says:

    I am seriously interested to know where Lauren is wearing those dresses to ;)
    As far as I know she’s never worn one on the show thus far…. :P

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