Featured Fanvid: “Ships”

Our featured vid this time is a short but incredibly sweet one titled “Ships” by . Enjoy!

4 Responses to Featured Fanvid: “Ships”

  1. kedrie says:

    I have to admit– out of all the ones I’ve seen, this is my very favorite short of them. :)

  2. Sawyer says:

    Why,oh why is it so short!I just can’t get enough of watching it:)

  3. RoseG says:

    All of these short clips are just lovely. But if you really look at what is happening you can see that it is not the kisses or the love making scenes (I love them too) but its the looks. These women make love with their eyes. Acting? I don’t know, but it warms my heart every time.
    Thanks for these beautiful videos…all of them.

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