Top 5 – Season Two Best Outfits

We continue to look back on Season Two, and this week we’re appreciating the effort that the wardrobe department put in to make these women look their best. Click on “read more” to view the full list.

1. Who says you can’t look good for your girl at any occasion…including funerals. (2.21)


2. Bobo in business suits: half as much cleavage but twice as sexy. (2.16)


3. The buttoned-up shirt (ideally in every colour): the quintessential item in every lady-loving doctor’s wardrobe. (2.08)


4. Lauren looking Pretty in Pink. Unfortunately for Bo, this day, she picked ‘girlfriend’ to accessorize. (2.16)


5. Bo’s Succubus attire: equally suitable for special functions and fights. (2.01)

12 Responses to Top 5 – Season Two Best Outfits

  1. Valksy says:

    Just love Lauren in a shirt – preferably long sleeves, but with the sleeves rolled up. There is something so appealing about that look.

    • AnneMel says:

      Yeah! I agree. “preferably long sleeves, but with the sleeves rolled up. There is something so appealing about that look.”
      It has an elegance and at the same time something sexy .. I can’t say, but it’s something so attractive and subtle that draw attention differently, but soft and strong at the same time.

      you know, as I found this site a short time for a month or so and just today I had more time to resgistrar quiet, and did a marathon of the series and finished last week.
      Top 5 – Season Two Best Outfits I get that dress from Lauren on the Bo’s birthday party, WOW SO beautiful she was in that dress, the only thing that spoiled it was the girlfriend accessory that she took with her.
      But it also like the jackets, she is so beautiful and sexy.

      And just for the record: The colors that I like to see Lauren wearing (and that in my opinion are those that combine with her)is wine color, dark blue, and dark green. (okay she’s black also amazing and sexy) I’ve seen it in these colors and it was so amazing!!!!

  2. Kimmy says:

    What about Lauren at Bo’s birthday party? Preferably with Nadia not in tow.

  3. Kedrie says:

    Lauren’s dress in Masks. Fantastic.

  4. karol says:

    Love love Lauren in the button up top, sleeves rolled up with the tank underneath, totally hot!
    Bo undercover as the school teacher, the tightfitting skirt and blouse–yes ma’am!!

  5. Gwynna says:

    That first screenshot of the good doctor all in black has been my screen saver since the episode aired- oh yes

  6. J.J says:

    Excellent list. I’d have to include Lauren’s selection of leather jackets, she looks absolutely drool-worthy in them.

  7. Alicia says:

    The third…my god!!!!!!

  8. meagan says:

    My favorite thing that Lauren has for clothing…..hmmm…everything! She looks hot in everything in my eyes :)

  9. Pam says:

    Been said before but must say Lauren’s dress at Bo’s birthday party was just beautiful. Minus the GF accessory. And Bo with the tight skirt and button down white shirt at the school….Wow.

  10. TeamBoLau says:

    Any outfit on Bo or Dr. HotPants looks great on them! :)

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