Top 5 Doccubus Scenes in the Second Half of Season 2

Sadly, Season 2 has come to a close. One might say that this season has given us some memorable Doccubus moments but also tested our commitment to the ship at times. We look back at our favourite Doccubus scenes from the drama-filled second half of the season. (Read our pick of top 5 scenes from the first half of the season here.) Click on “read more” for the entire list.

1. Breathless (2.21)

We’ve chosen this as the top scene in the second half of Season 2 because after so much drama, so much angst, so much dancing around, Bo and Lauren finally, finally, verbally acknowledged their feelings to each other. Lauren realized, just as all of us did, that Bo went Super!Succubus at the sight of her in peril because of what she felt for Lauren. Of course, perpetually geeky Lauren’s Eureka! moment ruined the long awaited kiss between them. That might be a bit too frustrating even for us “UST” (Unresolved Sexual Tension) junkies.


2. “I love you…all…so much.” (2.22)

We don’t know about you, but we’ve wanted Bo to say “I love you” to Lauren for a really long time.  It doesn’t make number one because, well, Bo took it back by adding “…all…so much” at the end of her sentence, the way Lauren took back her declaration of love earlier in the season. Sure, Bo might have meant the “all” (yes, we’ll admit she loves Kenzi, Trick, and Dyson, too) but we know (as does Lauren) that she was telling Lauren that she loves her. We don’t blame Bo for hedging her bets given Lauren’s response (or lack thereof). Although Lauren reciprocated Bo’s feelings, she wasn’t ready to say it back yet so soon after losing Nadia.


3. The Goodbye Kiss (2.22)

The passion, the angst, the idea that Bo might never see Lauren again.  This is one of our favourite scenes of the series because although Kenzi and Dyson are also present, all Bo can see is Lauren. Bo’s protectiveness shines through, not wanting Lauren to leave her side. And it’s a bonus for us Doccubus fans to have Dyson witness the whole thing.


4. Nadia Awakes (2.12)

It’s hard to find another scene that cut through our hearts quite like this one did. Bo knew the consequences of putting aside her own feelings to help Lauren bring Nadia back, but nothing prepared her for the pain of seeing Lauren being intimate with someone else. And just to twist the knife a little more, Bo puts her life on the line to save Nadia and ends up breaking her own heart while Lauren is blissfully oblivious of what Bo has done for her. We’ve never loved Bo more than we did during this scene.


5. The “Welcome home” Hug (2.16)

This scene makes it to number 5 on our list, simply as we like to call it “the hug that went on a little too long”. If Nadia didn’t think there was something going on between Lauren and Bo before this, we think she probably did after Lauren held on just a little longer than you’d expect. We were as happy as Bo looked to see Lauren back in town after being away since the opening scene of episode 13. Lauren, for her part, just looks unusually cheerful for someone whose vacation has just ended and is about to go back to work. It is just satisfying to finally see a long-awaited hug between them. It re-affirms how much Bo and Lauren still mean to each other and how much they crave physical contact with the other, even when circumstances keep them apart.


Feel free to jump in with your thoughts in the comments. If there are scenes that you would have chosen that are not on our list, let us know which ones!

4 Responses to Top 5 Doccubus Scenes in the Second Half of Season 2

  1. Meagan says:

    I like this list. Well done putting these clips and moments together. I agree with the captions that was written with these moments express the emotion and what was going on between those two down to a tee. Excellent :)

  2. Alicia says:

    Excellent list! But for me the best moment is the number 3…that kiss was just…my god, no words! :-)

  3. Sawyer says:

    a wonderful list. watch these episodes over and over again. thank you

  4. Steffy says:

    The “I love you…all…so much” made me crazy happy! But also the final kiss, with so many passion! I jus can’t choose with these two, I love all the Doccubus time we had!
    Kisses from Italy

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