Zoie & Jeremy LaLonde Chipmunking

Keeping their promise after the campaign reached $40K by a certain date, Zoie and Jeremy donned chipmunk suits at a playground and even roamed the streets of Toronto. The Sex After Kids funding campaign is close to reaching its goal of $50K. There are 9 days left to contribute here. Don’t forget to vote for Sex After Kids for Project of the Month over at Indiewire. The winner will get to talk to Sundance. Watch their hijinks below:

2 Responses to Zoie & Jeremy LaLonde Chipmunking

  1. Jessie says:

    totally cute XD

  2. pharmchan says:

    usually i didnt like this kind of video.
    but regarding to my latest addiction to ZP i kinda enjoyed watching her in whatever condition she pulls in.she is too COOL and hot at the same time

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