Top 5 Season One Doccubus Moments

We’re looking forward to the finale of Season Two as much as anyone but this week we thought we’d revisit the past and take a look at the best moments from Season One.  You may remember we polled our readers early on, asking what your favourite Doccubus scenes were in Season One.  So, as voted by you, here’s this week’s list. Click on “read more” to view the entire list.

1. Bo and Lauren at the bar to test Bo’s control in the real world (1.06)

Bo & Lauren may have told themselves they were test driving Bo’s control of her powers in the real world, but it looked a lot like a date to us. Lauren made her move; it was just a pity that Bo didn’t trust herself enough to follow through.


2. Their first time together and the ensuing angst (1.08)

Their first time together and the ensuing angst

The Ash might have suggested Lauren distract Bo somehow, but it was obvious to all that they were both willing participants. We could see how much they cared for each other and how deeply they both hurt when the truth about why Lauren was there came to light.


3.Lauren giving Bo access to the amulet and kissing her (1.13)

finale kiss

After weeks of dancing around each other’s hurt feelings, Lauren jumps in and shows Bo how much she still cares. For everyone involved (including us viewers) it was the first obvious sign that things really weren’t over between them, and hopefully this was just the beginning of something more.


4. Their first meeting when Lauren examines Bo in the lab (1.01)

meeting in the lab

Maybe Bo was using her succubus powers already, but Lauren had Bo in the lab with her clothes off within minutes of meeting.  Even this early, we could see an undeniable attraction on Lauren’s part, and Bo wasn’t exactly uninterested either.


5. Bo & Lauren discuss the effects of alcohol on a Succubus (1.04)


Lauren’s out of the lab and very obviously flirts with Bo at the bar, which Bo shamelessly returns. It’s the first sign of their mutual attraction to each other. Things would’ve probably heated up a lot more quickly if it weren’t for Bo’s unrestrained abilities.

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