Top 5 Succu”bust” Moments

It had to happen eventually but it was an epic task to take on. This week we’ve suffered for the Doccubus fandom and spent hours staring at clips of Bo’s cleavage. We’re back in the world of superficial top 5′s and ranking our favourite moments when Bo shows Lauren her ample assets – her top Succu”bust” moments, if you will (thanks to @jorjafoxluvr on Twitter for giving us the idea) . It’s another highly subjective list, so let us know your take on such a weighty matter in the comments below. Click on “read more” for the entire list.

1. Low cut tops: the go-to attire for flirting over dinner. (2.06)


2.  The “I’ve-been-busy–things-have-been-busy” bouncing boobs. (2.16)


3. Lauren doing an admirable job of focusing her investigation on the ground. (2.01)


4. The time when Bo is actually overdressed for the occasion. (2.06)


5. The one in which even Kenzi is in awe. (1.13)

One Response to Top 5 Succu”bust” Moments

  1. Lisa says:

    Yes, Bo has a great cleavage…much appreciated by many! Thank you wardrobe & Anna Silk!

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