Top 5 Cringeworthy Lines Said by Bo and Lauren

We can probably agree that neither Bo nor Lauren is the most eloquent with words, whether it’s just a really cheesy line, the way they deliver it, or blurting out something during inappropriate moments. Maybe we’re just sensitive to these things, but sometimes their lines just make us cringe and hide behind the nearest thing we can find. This week, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Cringeworthy Lines Said by Bo and Lauren. Click on “read more” for the full list.

1.”I’m doing what I can – politically. I just need a few more hours.” ~Lauren (1.08)


2. “I’m better with multiple orgasm than multiple choice.” ~Bo (1.06)


3.”Well, when my hormones flare up, they usually go horny, not horrid.” ~Bo (1.07)


4. “Okay. What about me, right now?” ~Lauren (1.06)


5. “My god, you’re beautiful. I meant that…professionally.” ~Lauren (1.01)

5 Responses to Top 5 Cringeworthy Lines Said by Bo and Lauren

  1. Valksy says:

    I’m not sure I cringed at any of those lines. Option 4 was a (somewhat clumsy) flirt, Option 5 was the first time we see the other side of Lauren – she has been thoughtful and professional, and when she gets excited or emotional, she blurts stuff out (I think it’s adorable).

    I think the only time I really really cringed was in the “do it now, do it for her” scene – Not a line, just a really awkward hand-flappy thing. Covering her face is fine, forming fists is fine. The panic flap made me wince.

    • Admin Meg says:

      Certainly, I see where you are coming from. I imagined that there will be wide-ranging reactions to these lines/scenes from different people. :)

  2. ts says:

    I liked the what about me right now…..Laurent was getting things going. I’m doing what i can politically after their succubus/human cocktail was just wrong and wierd

  3. Dacaria says:

    An awakward moment I can remember is from S1E06, “Food for Thought,” at the end when Lauren puts her hands on Bo’s shoulders but Bo glances briefly at Dyson. Lauren quickly pulls back and goes back into professional mode. This was the first time I can remember that Lauren touched Bo on her own accord. I did like that Bo looked torn about her feelings when Lauren walked away.

  4. Dacaria says:

    Last night (s2E20)had some cringe worthy moments: The beginning part of the conversation between Bo and Lauren on the couch. And the quick look of disappointment on Bo’s face when Lauren just wanted to sleep with her, in the traditional sense, needing solace. Although, I did like Bo comforting Lauren in her bed.

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