Quick Recap of Tonight’s Episode (2.17)

Below is a quick recap of the Doccubus content in tonight’s episode (under the cut for those who want to avoid spoilers). Click on “read more” for the details:

Update: Full recap posted here.

  • Bo and Dyson asked to investigate Underfae who killed the Dons of 2 clans.
  • At Bo’s request for help, Lauren arrives at Bo’s with Nadia in tow.
  • After apologizing for having Nadia there, Lauren proceeds to provide Bo with information on the Underfae.
  • Ends with Nadia purposely cutting her palm with knife.  Lauren walks in and tends to Nadia’s wound.

2 Responses to Quick Recap of Tonight’s Episode (2.17)

  1. Jenny says:

    I really didn’t want Nadia to be crazy, but I dig it. I actually thought the other week, would Nadia fake illness to get Laurens attention or keep her on side? LIke a migrane or something… But cutting herself, bitch be craaaay, I love it, I’m so excited for the storyline. Athena is such a wicked actress :)

  2. Have you guys noted that Bo took off her jacket just to show the GIRLS to Lauren? Hahahaha nicely done.

    And Nadia… aff this is going to end up bbbaaadddd

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