Top 5 Doc-Block Moments

Without Unresolved Sexual Tension, we probably wouldn’t be quite so invested in this relationship. And a lot of the time, UST arises when they are interrupted or thwarted by other people. Today, our top five are the moments that left both Bo and Lauren feeling just a little unfulfilled when a third party interrupts their lady lovin’. Click on ‘read more’ for the entire list.

1. The Morrigan Drops the Nadia Bomb on Bo

Really, is there a bigger doc-block than finding out that your love interest already has an existing girlfriend that she somehow neglected to tell you about? The moment the Morrigan gleefully informed Bo of Nadia was the moment that Lauren became physically off-limits, as far as Bo is concerned. While Bo may have had a lovely romp with Lauren just the previous night, this newly acquired bit of information changes everything. Bo respects other peoples’ relationships too much to intentionally break them up. On the contrary – the self-sacrificial do-good nutter that she is, Bo has gone to the other extreme and spent all her energy on re-uniting Lauren & Nadia. This is why we classified the moment when the Morrigan drops the Nadia bomb on Bo as the ultimate doc-block.

2. Kenzi: The Self-Appointed Doc-Blocker

How often do we see Bo and Lauren just hanging out at the clubhouse, relaxing and watching television like regular people? Almost never. So when the opportunity arises, it doesn’t take much for one of them to make a move, in this case being Bo, under the guise of some wholesome “couch yoga”. Their “yoga” would have surely escalated to more involved positions had it not been for Kenzi, who barges in to break it up, leaving Lauren scrambling to regain her composure. And just to make sure that her BFF doesn’t get it on with her Hotpants, Kenzi appoints herself the doc-block and gleefully wedges herself in-between them on the couch as they watch TV.


3. More a Third Wheel Than a Threesome

Bo and Lauren have made plans to ‘be social’ together at the Dal. When Lauren arrives, Dyson just won’t take the hint that he’s not invited, even as Bo voices that she could “find him a carpet or something”. If looks could kill, Dyson wouldn’t have made it off the couch alive. Bo, bless her heart for trying, actually brings the awkwardness level to painful with her “threesome” ramblings. It becomes so tense that Lauren gives up on any chance of having alone time with Bo that she gets up and leaves.


4. Heart-to-Heart Interrupted

A rare moment all alone in Lauren’s apartment. Time for a heart to heart and some truths to be told. We’re all gearing up for some touching moments, especially “the talk” that we’ve been waiting half a season for, and for Lauren to find a more interesting way to keep Bo awake when the Ash bursts in the door and ruins the mood. Poor Bo, being ultimate doc-blocked; instead of the bed time she was expecting, Lauren is led out of the apartment to be locked up in the Light Fae compound.


5. Dyson Glares Down Their Post-Mission Celebration  

After the successful undercover mission that saved Kenzi’s life and just as importantly, established that Bo can now probably sleep with humans without killing them, Bo calls after Lauren to express her heartfelt gratitude and unmistakable interest in taking things further. And seeing Lauren place her hands on Bo’s shoulders, we’d say she’s pretty damn interested, too.  And if it wasn’t for Dyson glaring at the two of them from a distance as if his territory’s being marked on, the sizzle between Bo and Lauren would have spontaneously combusted already.

3 Responses to Top 5 Doc-Block Moments

  1. Shade says:

    I felt that in 2×05, BrotherFae of the wolves, the scene between Bo and Lauren at the end was a DoccBlock. I cant figure out who was the blocker and who was the blocked. The UST in that was ridiculous.

    • Admin Meg says:

      Oh for sure, the UST was ridiculous in that scene. We actually ranked it as #1 in our Top 5 UST scenes list from a few weeks ago. :)

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