Syfy Video: Anna Answers Lost Girl Questions

Syfy posted another video of Anna, who answers various questions regarding the show. Be sure to watch ’til the end – you’ll see. Have a look below:

2 Responses to Syfy Video: Anna Answers Lost Girl Questions

  1. A Fan says:

    Ok. I’ll be the first to comment… maybe the only to comment.

    So, I know I’m reading too much into this promo, but I find it interesting that when they talk about the love triangle, they’re willing to show Dyson kissing Bo (twice) and Dyson half naked (almost full frontal) but yet only show Lauren holding hands with Bo. I think this further illustrates how lopsided this triangle is. I don’t know. I love Doccubus but I think this show is going to break my heart. Long live fanfic!!

  2. megan says:

    I was just wondering about the fae base thing. Im a fan of the show but i thought fae had some allergy to iron that made it’s hard to live in cities. I read something about that before the show ever came on. It just seems like a common factor

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