Top 5 Doccubus Scenes in the First Half of Season 2

One of the columns that we’re introducing is the weekly Top 5 List. For our very first list, we present to you, in our opinion, the “Top 5 Doccubus Scenes in the First Half of Season 2″. Click on “read more” for the entire list.

1. Bo turns into Super!Succubus (episode 8)

We’ve ranked this as the top scene in the first half of the season since it shows the effect that seeing Lauren in mortal danger had on Bo. Bo summons a power we’ve never seen before – and leaves Lauren the only person standing at the end of it.  It gives us a glimpse of how powerful Bo is, and how far she will go to protect the ones she loves. It’s also significant because Lauren is the first (and at this point, only) person in Bo’s circle to witness her in this state.


2. Lauren and Bo’s talk after Bo’s fight (episode 10)

We’ve ranked this as the second best scene for the obvious reason – Lauren’s accidental declaration of love. Aside from that, we witnessed a tender scene between Bo and Lauren in which they act like, well, a couple. Lauren is the one waiting to tend to an injured Bo at Dyson’s apartment. Lauren tells Dyson, “I got this”, and he left them alone to give them privacy. Bo opens up to Lauren about her past and Lauren comforts her emotionally in addition to tending to her physical wounds. The scene is also significant because it shows Lauren finally unraveling and blurting things that she has kept in her heart for so long and and at the same time admitting that she doesn’t know what she feels.


3. The ‘lipstick’ scene (episode 8)

This one made our Top 5 because it’s a sweet scene in which Bo and Lauren have a rare honest conversation.  We see Bo put her own feelings aside and promise to help Lauren get Nadia back and in return Lauren admits how much Bo has meant to her and that she wouldn’t know what to do without Bo’s ‘friendship’. It is also poignant because Lauren realizes at that moment that Bo might not be completely okay with helping her with Nadia from her deliberate lack of response to her “are you sure?”. Further, being with Lauren brings out Bo’s rarely seen tender side, as she wipes Lauren’s lipstick for her and later offers to blot her lipstick.


4. Bo and Lauren’s love scene (episode 6)

The second love scene between the two, in contrast to their first time, is both frantic and urgent and captures the emotions of two people spending what could be their last night together. As well, it’s so wonderfully refreshing to see such a passionate and physical love scene between two women since the typical love scene for an F/F pairing on television tends to be slow and tender. It was also a pleasant surprise that the show didn’t hold back on the amount of skin shown on screen. The most touching moment is probably the tender kiss Bo gave a slumbering Lauren the morning after, which illustrates how much she cares for her, and something we have never seen from Bo when she’s with Dyson.


5. Lauren and Bo’s kiss (episode 8)

The last scene of episode 8 makes our list because once again, Bo is acting so selflessly for Lauren and even trying to be supportive by telling an angry Lauren that finding the nail was a blessing in disguise, no matter how much it hurt her to say it. In kissing Bo, we finally see Lauren not thinking for once and just acting on her impulses. The desperation and the need in that kiss, as well as the conflict on Lauren’s face, really ramped up the angst. It’s the perfect ending to in our opinion the best episode of S2.


Feel free to jump in with your thoughts in the comments. If there are scenes that you would have chosen that are not on our list, let us know which ones!

11 Responses to Top 5 Doccubus Scenes in the First Half of Season 2

  1. Manu says:

    #5 is actually my favorite. Favorite scene. Favorite kiss. Favorite episode.

  2. Sara says:

    Guys, great job, this site is just awesome!
    My favourite is the number 5 too, but I have to say that also the number 2 is almost perfect!
    Keep Doccubus alive!!!
    Thanks and kisses from Italy

  3. J.J says:

    No 5 is my favorite too. So passionate, so much angst. Just perfect.

  4. J.D says:

    Mine is #2

  5. giftofamber says:

    The throwing of the pizza directly down Bo’s cleavage. That would totally make my top 5.

  6. Kathy says:

    i love this episode!!! one of my favs, does anyone know when the new lost girl episode is coming on? (Midnight Lamp)

  7. allyson says:

    they are so right ‘i have never seen bo like this with dyson’i hope the producers know that bo really belongs with lauren and not dyson.i think that bo is more in love with lauren than with dyson.

  8. allyson says:

    Bo is totally more in love with lauren than dyson.i just been seing scenes with dyson when she needs to heal,but with lauren even do there not much love scenes ,is because of love.

  9. Jeremy says:

    I love all the scenes but I pick the no. 1. For Bo no matter what happens or under any circumstances she will never feed on Lauren, Bo will protect Lauren even if she has to do die for her. Because Lauren is not the only person that brings out the best of Bo but also she triggers her SuperBO… I think it’s cool!

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